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Working Together is Success

Dynamic Structure

Our thorough services and high tech procedures are the results of constantly honing our skill sets, connecting with excellent resources, and offering our clients solutions. 

Whether the need is to determine the lien position of a property, and/or its past or present ownership, we provide the documents on time as electronic files, recording information, or as clerk-certified copies.

Prompt Results

Our innovative applications of up-to-date technology allow us to serve any sized businesses with the same speed, protection, and convenience as our large corporate clients. We use our proprietary HITT Reports and AccuTurn, as well, to account for the services we provide to all clients. 

Leaders in Technology and Innovation

Delta Document Services was founded in 1996 to provide the lending industry with fast and accurate results for nationwide research.

During the early to mid-90s, Congress amended RESPA (the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974) and its implementing document Regulation X, to initiate further protections for property owners, buyers, and sellers. DDS responded with innovative and technologically advanced procedures to quickly locate and provide the public documents that both large and small lending companies required for the new federal compliance.

To this day, Delta Document Services continues to guide its team of professionals dedicated to provide secure, correct, and efficient service. The high level of professionalism, leading edge conceptualization, and dedication this company began with continues to serve as the link of success for our clients and vendors each and every day.   


The Delta Document Services Social Responsibility Policy