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Secure Usability 

Without a doubt, DDS clients benefit from the proprietary system we call DeltaHIVE. It is a comprehensive structure of precise and individualized functions that work cohesively, as well as with the systems of our clients. DeltaHIVE provides the powerful technology required for protecting, retaining, and transmitting data. 

More of DeltaHIVE’s finest attributes are found in the Client Portal. Once securely logged in, clients may track their orders through the various stages from Received to Completed. Customized reporting is offered as well. 

Strength and Flexibility

DeltaHIVE's components and design allow us to meet the highest standards for quality assurance and accountability. It is enabled by the same powerful lineup of server technology that is used by major data centers around the world. 

DeltaHIVE utilizes server virtualization which allows a physical machine to host multiple separate “software containers” — better known as virtual servers — each of which runs its own operating system. The isolated virtual servers function as separate physical computers and behave accordingly. Programs can’t tell the difference between physical and virtual machines, and neither can operating systems or other machines. 

We hold our company to the premium standard in IT innovation, storage, and security. 

Monitoring and Maintenance

In addition to diligently safeguarding all data, securely sending and receiving information requires constant vigilance. We implement the cryptographic protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS) —the successor/addition to industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) — to protect the DeltaHIVE system. TLS/SSL is used to create the securest environment possible for web browsing, emailing, or other client-server applications through digitally certified encryption.

Once a party is acknowledged by management, advanced methods in our system-wide structure guided by the best business practice of AAA protocol are used thereafter:

  • Authentication – the process of verifying identity before proceeding.
  • Authorization –the process of verifying permission for an authenticated party to use the resource.
  • Accounting – the process of documenting when, where and how the authenticated/authorized person has accessed the resource.