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Standards That Lead

Delta Document Services assures high quality results by constantly seeking to evaluate, innovate, and improve in the field of real estate document research.

Years of experience have confirmed that high standards in efficiency, reliability and customer care -- along with a nationwide reach -- result in long, healthy client relationships.  

The DDS system flows with continuously updated information due to constant changes implemented by recording offices and clients. Steady monitoring allows us the ability to add or remove support elements based on our high expectations.

For our clients it means confidence in knowing that they are provided the fastest and most accurate services in the industry. 

HITT Report

Our Individualized Time Tracking Report, better known as the HITT Report, was developed as a monthly self-auditing method to record the amount of time required to fill each order or a group of orders.

Each month, we provide a HITT Report to our clients as yet another way to promote efficiency and collaboration.


Our AccuTurn standard works in sync with the HITT Report. It references our average turn-around time and accuracy.

At Delta Document Services, we use the AccuTurn standard to guide  our changes, innovations and improvements in an ever-developing industry.  

No-Find Policy 

There are instances when documents aren't properly recorded or are misfiled. 

For the occasional No-Find, we return the closest recorded document information. Working with as much data as we have, we ensure that no client is left empty-handed.

If a client requires a second search with another company who locates the document, using the same information, we will credit the client our fee amount.

Individualized Servicing

At those times accurate information is time sensitive there is no better customer service offered than your single point of contact. When you become a DDS client, you are assigned a dedicated account manager to help customize reports to best facilitate your needs. At any time later, they will be available to answer questions and assist in every way possible.